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WELCOME TO CHICO.CA.DIRECTORY, Where you can community post for Chico, Ca.

Chico.Ca.Directory is accepting guest posts. If you would like to post something please go to contact us and submit the details. We are starting out and don't have a large audience, but bare with us. As we are starting and the posts will stand out we will be strict on spam and of coarse no illegal postings will be allowed. 

Things we are looking for are profiles of your business or shop, club or group. Events happening in Chico or close that may be of interest to Chico residents. No personals and if it isnt interesting it isn't getting posted. 

Please write it well without spelling errors and mistakes.


Posting specials is ok just 1 a day max. 

And we can refuse the post for any reason as with any post submitted.


You can post pictures but you need some text saying pictures are of what in Chico and if the pictures don't have to do with Chico there not getting in.

Informational Articles

Always looking for informational articles so if you have something to post that is interesting or educational to Chico citizens please do.

By Madison on 19 May 2019